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reading tiger

I had a vivid and very strange yet rather thuddingly obvious dream last night that involved Black Books, the Center for Sex and Culture, meeting a bunch of people younger than and oblivious to me -- and, inexplicably, a malfunctioning elevator that only I seemed concerned with. That last element is the one I really want explained to me.


About the malfunctioning elevator, a sort of Jungian idea immediately sprang to my mind: perhaps it could be about having difficulty going between different levels of reality (underworld or deep archetypal layer, everyday taking-care-of-business layer, and highest-purpose-of-self layer), and wanting to be able to go between them more fluidly?
Hm. Could be.
You never can tell. Sometimes the inner meaning of dreams is only about you yourself.

I had a dream once about needing a plumber, and the plumber came to the house and he was a tiger-- and he could not really fix fix the plumbing, because he had paws. But he would not admit he was a tiger. I kept saying 'you are a tiger,' and he was like 'no I am not.'
I like this dream.
If the elevator isn't working then the sex-positive world isn't accessible, but those able-bodied young hipsters are so immersed in their own entitlement that they can't be bothered to care about who or what they might be excluding.

(No, there is no additional charge for my own projections into your dream.)