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mom tattoo

1. Went to a fairy tea party birthday on Sunday for one of the kids' playmates. It was actually really awesome. They had "tea" for the children and tea sandwiches cut out with cookie cutters (including PB&J) and wands and fairy wings to decorate -- April did her wings up in googly eyes, Simone made a steampunk wand with buttons. This party also featured the best activity for a group of kids ever: the hosts hid 14 bouncy balls somewhere in the playroom and then let the kids find them. Repeat as needed. For the final round, the kids got to hide the balls and make the adults look for them. I managed to talk to adults, too, and not feel totally weirded out, even though I was in a big ol' house up in Crocker Heights with people who make way more money than we do.

2. Simone informed me both yesterday and today that because she is half boy and half girl, she has chosen to be a girl at school and a boy at home. OK. She seems perfectly content with this scheme and even asked for pigtails, though no dresses yet. If she is content, I am content.

3. We went out for pizza and playtime at Bay Street in Emeryville -- profits going to the preschool, so lots of kids we knew running around in the plaza. Also a chance for me to pick up some ergonomic tools for my laptop to relieve some of my RSI pain. And cupcakes, which do not relieve my RSI pain but make it more bearable for another night. There was also dancing to silly 80s music outdoors. And April running laps and laps and laps, sometimes chasing other kids, sometimes being chased, sometimes just for sheer motoring joy. I must get that child to an athletic track soon.

4. Apparently one Dad admonished his son to stop chasing April because "she's a girl and you might hurt her." Anyone who knows my child can start laughing heartily now; I sure did. The son apparently gave Dad the side-eye. No fool he.

5. Hot sauce and cayenne make excellent squirrel repellent. But the sneaky critters are still trying to figure out how to sneak a bite of pumpkin in here and there. Well, it adds character to the jack-o-lantern carvings. Right?


That fairy tea party sounds awesome. And, though it's a given, I want to say how much I admire your parenting Simone. My own offspring, now 17, started talking about the same stuff around middle school, and I didn't always handle it as gracefully as you. We're doing well now, though I'm still dicey about pronouns. The school is supportive, which is good. And I've even got the grandparents to calm down about it!

This is the first year in high school that Milo's been comfortable with a variable presentation instead of choosing one side of the binary. It's kind of nice.