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reading tiger

1. Simone startled me today by coming into the kitchen and announcing, "It's dinner time. I looked on the clock and it said it was time." She was right.

2. I confirmed that April is capable of, say, drawing a face,* she just doesn't want to because she does not have mastery of the skill to her own satisfaction yet. (She will have inherited this tendency from me.) I'm trying to encourage silly practice. ("Draw a circle. Draw another circle. Draw a squiggle. That's a face!") Also I am trying to teach her how to hold a pencil. This is hard, because I don't hold a pencil in a standard grip either -- my wrist is cocked, "like a leftie's." I may have to defer to the lads on this one.

3. Ridiculous workload deadline mania all the way through the weekend. Coupled with RSI flare-ups, of course. Of course. Plus less child care. And nice weather. And eyestrain.

4. PPO is on Saturday!

5. Let's let Brezsny have the last word:

"The past is headed your way bearing gifts, Leo. I recommend that you make yourself available for its blessings, which may be delivered to you in unexpected ways. For example: The spirit of a dead loved one could impart an enigmatic but useful tip in the middle of the night. An abandoned dream you assumed was gone forever might return from limbo to grant you a wish. A favor you did for someone long ago could finally be repaid. Are you ready to let history reward you in its own unique style?"

* Actually April drew her first face last year for Halloween, so I was not very concerned -- except about the possibility that she had regressed, which would be a very big deal.


1. Time! Wow, is it an analog clock to boot? This makes things SO MUCH EASIER. "No, honey, you have to wait until 3:30 to get me; now I have to work."

2. I also struggle with a perfectionists, but I found that this book has really helped to deal with those tendencies. It's not precisely the same issue for April, but it may help her just draw something.
It was a dial, yes! I wasn's actually ready to make dinner, but I couldn't really argue either, you know?

And I've been eyeing "Beautiful Oops" for some time. Maybe I will bump it up for Christmastime.
Yeah, it's pretty good. I liked the idea, but didn't realize how much fun my kid would have with the actual book. Plus, it's helping that perfectionist phase mellow in a really fun way.

And does she need to hold a pencil? Can she use some fat crayons for the same thing?
It was actually the stylus of one of those wipe-and-erase magnetic boards, but she was also coloring with art pencils last night and I think the word stuck in my brain.
That is a DOOZY of a Breznyscope. Jesus.
Handwriting without tears? That's what we used with Blake, it was recommended by his OT and it was awesome.
Thanks for the rec -- I'm checking it out.
I had no idea there were such books! There were plenty of tears in my house when my mother made me learn cursive handwriting the summer after I turned 7. (I'd moved up a grade mid-year and missed the classroom instruction.)