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hot dog

Dinner Tonight

Tonight I half-improvised a braised pork recipe. It was outstanding. Here's what I did for posterity.

1. Last night I made the cooked tomatillo sauce from Truly Mexican. Basically, simmer 3 pounds of tomatillos and a couple fresh hot peppers in water until tender but still whole, then blenderize. Cook down the puree a little more, add water to make 4 cups.

2. Also in the fridge: a batch of white beans.

3. Today, I browned four pork shoulder chops in oil, then poured the tomatillo sauce and a bit more than a cup of water over them. Stuck it in the oven at 350, covered, for an hour and a half. Then I added those white beans and their broth, some frozen corn I cut from the cob over the summer, and some diced fresh potato. Stirred, covered up again and braised for another half hour.

4. It turns out that adding the bean broth was probably a bad idea, as the liquid was now quite soupy and not as silky-saucy as I'd wanted. So I reduced it for a while.

5. Then I served over leftover brown rice.

6. Oh my God.


Wow, that sounds good. I'm going to have to try improvising something along those lines, since I'd independently come up with about the first third of the recipe -- which is to say, I think I got it from mrissa -- and that alone is delicious.

The version I do is to quarter the tomatillos and peppers (and some garlic cloves) and put them on a baking sheet in a 425F oven until they cook down a bit and the skins start to blister and blacken in spots. Then I use stew-sized chunks of pork, brown them in a a bit of oil in a deep pan, and then pour the blender-pureed tomatillo mixture over them and simmer, but only 10 minutes or so.
The recipe I began with was using large boneless chunks of pork, but I had these beautiful chops sitting in the freezer waiting for a braise recipe, so.

And also the vegetables and beans are probably pretty endlessly variable. I wanted something substantial and stew-like so I didn't have to make a side dish for the pork, so I added lots. The original recipe used green beans and mentioned white beans *or* potatoes as an alternate.

Roasted tomatillo sauce is smart! Next time I have a batch of tomatillos I will try it the other way.