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reading tiger

A Rare and Brief Interlude

I hate talking about writing process. I find it both boring and unfruitful most of the time. That's one reason you don't see a lot of discussion of my works-in-progress here. (Also I am superstitious. Apparently I think that stories, like bean sprouts, grow best in the dark.)

But I am going to violate that general principle here to say that there is exactly one thing about process that I wish more writers knew and would share with others, and that's that not only is process an individual thing that varies widely and whatever gets you to the end with something finished and satisfying and hopefully saleable is valid; but that process can vary for each individual project. What worked last time out for you may not work for whatever it is you're writing today.

This message jointly brought to you from the department of I Revised That Story And I Never Do That and the department of Starting Something New So I'll Just Go Reinvent The Wheel Now If You Don't Mind.