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Busy Kidcentric Weekend

Yesterday we had a surprise! trip to Pescadero with elisem, who's in town visiting, plus her hosts wild_irises and abostick59. First we went to Phipps Country Store, colloquially known among our little band as "Legume World" for its great assortment of beans and lentils and things in open bins. They do mail order, btw, and I've ordered from them before with good results. But this ramshackle little general store also has a full-on petting zoo (small fee required if your're over 5 or under 60 iirc) as well as animal cages (guinea pig, rabbit and all sorts of birds) in the back, along with free-ranging barn cats and two litters of kittens. And a donkey and a goat. And U-Pick berries in season, if anyone's interested.

Phipps provides the olallieberries for Duarte's famous pies, btw, of which more later.

But first, there was a beach. There was a beach at low tide. There were stones and gemstones and mussel shells and crab claws and driftwood and tide pools. A lot of sand for sand castles, which we did not build but noted for later -- we will bring our swimsuits, too, or at least a change of clothes. April spent a lot of time drawing a large, deep X on the beach. Simone wrote her name a lot. Later the twins were scaling the cliffs surrounding the beach and, noting their orange-red hue, Simone declared, "Mom! We're on Mars!" That's my daughter.

Duarte's was the destination for dinner, where else? April amused the table by eating only the eye of the fried smelt she was offered and then returning the rest. That's my other daughter.

We drove home along Highway 1, setting out just after the sun had set but the view was still lovely. We managed to miss most of the Half Moon Bay traffic, too.

Today was the school family picnic up at Roberts Park. I got an e-mail from the director this morning declaring it sunny and warm up in the hills, but I didn't believe her. More fool I. We drove through the thickest fog I have ever seen in the Bay Area all the way to the park entrance, when suddenly there was blue sky above us and the fog was left down below.

One of my lingering secret fears was somewhat dispelled when two girls -- one of them an extremely sunny three-year-old in her soccer uniform -- excitedly ran to see if April wanted to play with them. She talks a lot about playing alone, so I worry, despite her kid-magnet on the playground. Never mind. Simone, too, remains in the thick of things.

I chatted with parents about kindergartens and jobs and general life uncertainty, of which there is much right now what with house and jobs and all. But mostly it was kindergartens. I learned some important and useful things.

I also had a nice chat with an enlightened Dad in which we jointly decided that the proper title for me as part-time self-employed freelancer, full-time parent who takes organizational point (cf. kindergartens) but in a household that makes consensus decisions is: "consultant." Doesn't that sound right? Lori Selke, executive consultant for the Selke-Gayle-Schwartz household. Thank you very much.

We did have one funny (ha-ha) gender moment, in which someone asked us when we were departing, "is [Simone] your daughter?" To which G. answered yes. I paused for a moment, but he was right -- she's my daughter who's a boy and April's brother. I checked in with her while we were walking down the steps and yep, "daughter" is still the right word. So "Lori's daughters" is still an acceptable collective phrase, fyi.

P.S. I even got the grocery shopping done. Now all I gotta do is write my butt off as usual.


You know Elise too!? Such a tiny world :)