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reading tiger

As of this afternoon, Steven is looking for work. If you know someone who needs a senior-level UNIX systems administrator, holler. You'll have to contact him for specifics: he's [personal profile] imnotandrei or imnotandrei at gmail dot com.


Gahhhhhhh. Sorry to hear it.

I have people I know at Twitter, Apple, and Yahoo, if bucket-brigading resumes would be of any help. I'm bad with the "knowing what aspect of tech which people are in" thing.
Nathan says that Steven should check out climate.com/careers. If he sees anything of interest there, he should send N. his resume.
Yay for this! :)
I've sent him email with offers of contacts at various companies.
Are you flexible for relocation? So sorry for the upheaval in your lives - I know it isn't easy!
At the moment we'd prefer not to relocate.