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reading tiger

Writer PSA

My books and stories are not my babies. Or my pets. (My pets are not my babies. My babies aren't even my babies any more.)

My characters are not my babies. They're not my besties or my confidantes, they're not my alter ego, they're not my cousins or my guardian spirits. They might be tenants in my head, if you must reach for a metaphor here. But inside my head isn't a real space and my characters are not real.

I will not open a Facebook account, Twitter feed, or other social media account under their name.

I will not blog under their alias.

I will not even launch a Pinterest board in their honor.

And I most definitely will never get their goddamn names tattooed on my arm.


So what are you going to do when the Muse demands you write a story, and one of the characters turns out to be named "XXX" or "OOO"?
I will compose a beautiful and boundary-breaking concrete poem using a different font.
Ha. Very sensible. However, introducing the tenants in your head to the reading public might lure them (readers) to something you've written for sale. And sales can help feed the actual pets & children.

When my daughter was young, I used to offend friends who often referred to their "inner child" but explaining that my Outer Child seemed like a better focus for my time and attention.
i bet there's a backstory, here ;-) !
ahh I thought you might then say my babies are not my characters! anyway, thank you for not using social media in that way.
Wow, I love those dolls.