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reading tiger

Today is my day with the kids.

1. Finally finished a story I've been working on since (mumble). What a relief. I now have no major fiction projects pending for the first time since, um, the kids were born I think. I'll be sure to fix that shortly.

2. Went to Habitot this morning to make up for having skipped Mamas & Papas last night. We ran into members of the San Francisco Bulls and April and Simone both got to try out a hockey stick. They were kind of good. Also I got my first look at the new firefighter exhibit, which April spent a solid hour playing at. We ran into Shayna, too, which was a pleasant surprise.

3. John's Ice Cream and its $1 scoops are perfect for after Habitot.

4. Halloween store!

5. Simone asked if there were going to be any big kids at Habitot or only little kids. "I'm shy around little kids," she said. I asked why. "Because they don't talk." This makes a lot of sense, actually.