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reading tiger

Sexy Men of Music Revisited

This partial list is, of course, informed by my own biases as a fortysomething person who listens to less and less contemporary popular music as time goes on. Like, for example, Justin Timberlake was on the original list, but darlings, I confess I just want to pinch his cheeks and pat him on the head and then send him to bed with a glass of warm milk. And not that kind of milk.

In no particular order:

People on the original list whom I endorse, with no further commentary except to say that they may not all be to my personal taste:

* Prince. Morrissey. Mick Jagger. Tupac.

People on the original list who were ranked too high for my taste:

* David Bowie. Jeff Buckley (he's here for indie cred, isn't he?). Bruce Springsteen (who's gotten sexier as he's gotten older but should not be in the top five).


* Adam Ant made me queer, yo. This was the very first teen idol I could bond with the girls over. If you know what I mean. I also blame him for his influence upon my adult aesthetic. This is the one that makes me blush a little, but there you go. To put it another way: Ant is my Bowie. (But I wouldn't put him at number one.)

* LL Cool J. This one is for Bill Brent and his party mixes. Dangit.

* Barry Gibb. So sue me. It's the pants.

* Michael Hutchence. The man had charisma to burn.

* Iggy Pop. This picture was the clincher.

* Little Richard, while we're on the gender-bending tip. He's the one who founded the entire school of "I'm virile enough to wear eyeliner" in popular music.

* Trent Reznor. Who was it in my comments who said "preferably upside-down and in bondage"? Yeah, like that. He's my nominee for the category "boys who make me want to hurt them," which is, ahem, a very important category when it comes to my appreciation of popular music.

Honorable Mentions:

* Isaac Hayes. Ask [personal profile] imnotandrei why he's on this list ;)

* Someone from the Beatles. I mean come on, their female fans out-screamed Elvis' fans, case closed. Let's go for Lennon for the sensitive new age guy slot. He's who I'd choose if I were writing for the public, but I confess, I was the one who always played Harrison on the playground because I liked him best.

* Robert Plant. He is so very not to my taste, but his omission still strikes me as odd.

* Sting. Ditto, to a lesser extent. Wasn't he once the epitome of a certain kind of "I'm so sexy I can read Jung and still be a rock star" cool?

* Beck, for those who love that dorky-sexy vibe. Of course, it turned out that a lot of his appeal was due to his girlfriend-stylist and his currency dropped fast after they broke up, but a lot of my peers were secretly over the moon for him so up on the list he goes. He'd probably get cut so as to seem more contemporary if I were writing this up for a real publication.

* Andre 3000. Again, not exactly to my taste but if we're talking charisma and charm, he should be in the mix. And hey, he was once voted "World's Sexiest Vegetarian" or something.

* Anthony Kiedis. I have a weakness for RHCP but they were always too cartoonish when they were young and too mellow when they were older. But Kiedis is still the guy who got grannies in Kansas to swoon to his sincerity and send "Under the Bridge" to number one, so.

* Marvin Gaye. I want to make out with his voice, but I don't want to go all the way.


I was the one who said that about Trent Reznor. :)

Michael Hutchence and Little Richard are excellent additions.

I own a jacket that I paid more for than any other single item of clothing in my life because it suggested a black-on-black version of Adam Ant's jacket.

Sting had it back in the days of Synchronicity but dropped off fast after that.