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reading tiger

Notes from Yesterday

Tuesdays are my "day off," when I have a full eight hours of child care and nobody else is home. The first Tuesday of the month is also free day at the SF MOMA. So yesterday I headed into the city to catch the Cindy Sherman exhibit.

1. I adore Cindy Sherman. I adore her sex-doll critiques of Bellmer even if I may be the only person in the room who knows exactly what she's parodying with that double torso construction of male and female genitalia, larger than life and taking up an entire gallery wall, complete with lots of pubic hair. I adore her historical portraits with the prostheses. I adore her centerfolds and the untitled film still series. Besides the fact that she plays with a lot of stuff I also find interesting, she does so from an alienated, critical stance that I find very appealing for what are probably very obvious reasons. And her sense of humor is similar to mine, I think. Or at least she makes me laugh in ways that I think she entirely intended.

2. I shared a table at lunch with a woman who was also there to see the Cindy Sherman exhibit. We made small talk (!!!). This was her second time seeing the exhibit; the first time was in New York. She particularly likes Sherman, she said, because she and the artist are about the same age and, I paraphrase badly, "I could kind of see how her body concerns and issues paralleled mine in a way."

3. She asked if I'd come in from out of town. "No," I said and then I went, "oops! Well, technically yes" and then I explained I was from Oakland.

4. There was a cockroach on the bus home. This caused all sorts of consternation and shifting of seats. I like to think that it was the preponderance of people wearing open-toed shoes, because of the weather, that accounts for how long it took for someone to finally just stomp it dead already.

5. Also because of the weather (Too Darn Hot), we had watermelon-mint-lime smoothies, gringo quesadillas (flour tortillas, all cheddar) and popsicles for dinner. And I'd do it again.


Saw this today on Laughing Squid and thought it might be great (or annoying!) for the kids: Maily.
Neat! I guess we'll see if it's awesome or annoying :)