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Straight Through Sappy Into Sublime

Simone: "Why did you say 'shit,' mommy?"

Me: "Because I am sad that my friend died."

April: "I am sad too that your friend died."

Me: "That's sweet of you."

April: "But Tigery [comfort object du jour] can help you better. "

Me: "And that's very sweet of Tigery."

April: "Tigery can help feel better kids and grownups."

Me: "That's very helpful."

April: "And when people die, Tigery can cuddle them and make them alive again."

Me: "That's very helpful."

April: "Their arms and their legs and their eyebrows and their hair."


Yes sublime. You have a compassionate child there.
"Their arms and their legs and their eyebrows and their hair."
I am glad that April and Tigery know which body parts are most in need of reanimation. That is a priceless detail there. What on earth would happen if somebody came alive again, but without eyebrows?

This story reminds me of a couple of years ago when I got a haircut that slightly covered up a mole on my forehead. At that time, April had been in the habit of checking on my mole and saying hi to it every time she saw me, so she was alarmed when I showed up at your house with my mole hidden from her sight. She looked very apprehensive as she climbed up on my lap, and then she breathed a huge sigh of relief when she pushed back my hair and saw that the mole was still in its proper place. "Oh! Hello Mole!" she said.
Yes, that sounds exactly like April. That's a great story.
Awwwwww. That is beyond sweet.
Tigery is actually Tony the Tiger of cereal box fame, if that helps your mental image any.

Tony the Tiger leading an army of the undead....