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leather girls

Thanks in part to nihilistic_kid, I have gone down the rabbit hole of reading about the controversy surrounding David Foster Wallace's article on the AVN Awards, which was amusing but not, shall we say, wedded to facts. Right now I am reading "industry responses" and laughing my ass off at their very sincere protests. Some of them are sincere and noteworthy, and some of them are sincere and nitpicky, and some of them are sincere and reek of butthurt pride.

All the funnier as I wrote for AVN (and voted in the awards) for many years. But now I don't, so I'm allowed to laugh and laugh and laugh at the ridiculousness on both sides -- openly.


No fair posting this without providing links.
DFW's article isn't online as far as I can tell; I'll see if I can dig up the link to the responses.