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black book

One More on Bill Brent

I'm quoted in an article at the SF Weekly on Bill Brent's legacy for SF's sexual and literary communities. As I said elsewhere, I always kind of cringe in anticipation of what the heck someone's going to pull out of my babble when I talk to reporters, especially under circumstances such as this. (I talk fast, among other issues.)

A couple minor details are incorrect -- Bill was living with AIDS since the early 90s; I'm pretty sure Marilyn Jaye Lewis doesn't live in Hawaii (that one looks like a simple transcription error); I wouldn't call myself the Marketing Director of Black Books per se (I usually put Publicity Coordinator or something similar on my resume b/c I didn't have a formal title, but that's another long story). But overall I think this is a fine article. Chris Hall did a good job here.

Memorial's tomorrow at the CSC; details at the link.