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reading tiger

April blows her cover

April, pointing at the fire alarm at school: "Mommy! That says Fire!"

Me: "I thought you told me you couldn't read yet."


Yeah, I never trust a kid who says they can't read. My son "didn't read" until the second half of second grade, but then how, in kindergarten, was he prompting his friend who was reading aloud from "Koko's kitten" and stumbled on the words graduate school? On the other hand, he remembers being stumped by the "boys" and "girls" labels on the bathroom and going off to pee in the bushes (I think it was an excuse to pee in the bushes, myself -- he is, after all, his father's son)

"Reading" seems to mean different things to some kids than it does to the adults around them.

I knew to be suspicious in part because I was the kid who "couldn't read" until late, at which point I was doing it at an advanced level for my age. Uh-huh.
Frank's excuse is that he was farsighted which made the enterprise kind of wearying until his eyes caught up with themselves, something we didn't know until second grade, when the eye doctor said he didn't actually need glasses at that point.