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reading tiger

Break it down

1. Bill's memorial is Wednesday.

2. Twins' birthday (and party) is Sunday, a week from today.

3. I am now a parenting writer. Hello, ghetto, but what the heck. "Nine New Ways To Play With Blocks" here I come.

4. But I also probably picked up some food writing work for next month, so.

5. Simone is definitely left-handed.

6. Outlaw Bodies is coming. (Cover looks great.)

7. I'm baking cupcakes for Friday. I have mixed feelings.

8. No, I am not at Folsom.

9. Yes, I am still writing fiction too.

10. Hello, autumn.


Where do you find listings for this kind of writing market (parenting, food, etc)these days? I used to know, but I'm not finding much since I decided I am going to try to re-enter the fray.
I found my food writing client through eLance and my hotel writing gig through oDesk. I really dislike oDesk's monitoring, though, and I won't be agreeing to it again.

I also query a lot. Well, OK, I query intermittently. I hate querying, but oh well.

Here are some guideline links I have sitting in open tabs:


(I thought I had a link for Babble, too, but it seems to have expired.)

Thank you so much. My disability after the surgeries is going to be half of what I make now, and what I make now is several hundred dollars short each month of what I need for normal years, and next year is going to be abnormal. So I'm thinking to do whatever I can to increase my income and lwoer my costs.
So I've been examining ELance. You found real jobs there? That were not ridiculous (27 articles of 800 words for less than 200 dollars, finished including revisions, in 14 days. Let's see, you're paying less than a penny a word for more than fifteen hundred words a day -- so fifteen dollars a day -- well, no, I'm not doing that) Then there's the ones that ask you to rewrite source material so it passes copyscape (just found out what it is) and has a specific keyword density for SEO optimization (just found out what that is) -- in other words, to facilitate plagiarism -- and the ones that want you to plug their product on fifty websites in the next week -- but I know you must have found some ordinary plain content writing jobs on there somehow. The 27 articles one was attractive until I did the math, as they wanted real articles for a week-to-week pregnancy thing.

edit: I found one! A travel writing thing. And then I couldn't find my travel articles. And then I did. So I've applied. Thank you!

Edited at 2012-09-24 04:00 am (UTC)
Yes, there's a *lot* of dross to sort through when looking at these kinds of sites, but eLance seems to be one of the better ones overall.
Oh dear. I found two more to apply to since I edited that last comment, and now I am done. The other two were a thing doing articles for a teen parent thing for some apple app or other and a short fiction piece about a gay teen. Pieces of delicious cake, both of them. And for both of them from what I could see the other proposals were mostly inapproriate.

I got carried away and took two of the spanish tests -- I got top 30% for translation Spanish-English but only average for spelling (that is, 92% accuracy, because Spanish is not difficult to spell, though they had a high number of what the hell was that word? in there)
But of course there are no jobs for translating spanish to english right now. I could not go the other direction, no sirree.
Oh, I know who else you should enquire with: The Children's Advocate.


I haven't worked with them for several years, but when I wrote for them they paid decently and were wonderful people to work for. And I imagine speaking Spanish would be a big bonus for them. They were also very nice when I asked them for a letter of recommendation last year.
What is happening on Friday that you are baking cupcakes for?
Twins' birthday celebrated at preschool. I'm in charge of snack.