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reading tiger

Cooking Carrot Soup, Sort Of

I have no idea why Simone asked to make carrot soup with her for dinner. But she did. And I agreed. And, of course, at that point April had to help. So we all made carrot soup together. Sort of.

That is, I peeled the carrots and gave them to the kids to chop. They used their very cute, pretty effective and not very sharp knives that look like this:

Yay for serrated blades! I showed them how to keep their fingers out of the way and let them have at it. They chopped carrots into chunks and piled them into a bowl until bored. Then I cooked everything else while narrating. There were many peeks into the pot, especially while pureeing.

And even April ate a couple bites of the finished product.

But now I know why baking is so popular with children: you mix everything together and *then* put it in the oven, rather than adding ingredients by stages into a pot or pan already over the fire.


They're made by Kuhn Rikon; Amazon has them and so does Chef's Resource.