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reading tiger

Shelter in Place

I was kind of freaked out by my walk home from preschool with the kids. There were at least four cop cars and three police officers on foot on the block between the school and the highway bridge. It's not an easy block to bypass.

One asshole cop backed into the intersection I had to cross without ever even glancing into his goddamn rearview mirror to notice that, hi, a mom with two small children is trying to cross the street and can't tell which direction you plan to go.

I overheard something about "they're in the garden," so obviously they were pursuing/surrounding someone for some reason.

Four cop cars. Minimum. In Oakland.

I walked very quickly uphill. (Note for longtime readers: and checked the lock on the back door when I came home :P) I passed a nice woman with a tiny baby strapped to her chest, who smiled wryly and said something about "not a great time to be out here, I guess" and kept walking.

Yeah. I think we'll be staying in this afternoon.