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reading tiger

Monday Miscellany

1. Yesterday was Steven's birthday, celebrated the traditional way with a bout of Brownies & Boardgames. The first batch of brownies was an unintentional experiment. I started making the recipe and realized that it was missing a key ingredient -- fat (oil or butter). So I kind of guessed at how much it might need and hastily added it in. So of course that was the batch that turned out better than the one where I actually followed a formal recipe as written.

2. Once upon a time I was asked for my origin story as a writer. I have no origin story as a writer; writing is just the thing I am better at than almost anything else, and it's portable, and it pleases me. But that wouldn't do. And honestly, I have been writing for as long as I can remember. So I asked my mother. She told me that when I was two or three or four, they threw a birthday party for me, complete with balloons. On a whim, they wrote my name on some of the balloons. I was apparently so enamored of this that I wanted my name written on all the balloons. So I did it myself, over and over again, scrawling out my name on the balloons. "You only had one word," my mother said, "but you really wanted to write it!"

3. I am so busy. My to-do list is short but dense. And it is in many directions at once -- parent, editor/writer, memory bearer, editor/writer again, parent again.

4. And events and appointments, so many. Two appointments to replace the retainer I left in East Lansing. A separate dentist appointment. The kids' dentist appointments. Another birthday party. Potlucks in the park and potlucks at other people's houses. Dance classes. Get out of the house because buyers are coming. (Go to AT&T Park, find the playground closed, climb on the seal statue and walk out on the pier. Get lost trying to find Costco and fill the van with gas.) Memorials and readings and memorial readings. Holidays are coming soon, don't even think about those yet just get to the end of September. Because you'll have school tours in October and November to worry about anyway.

5. Yes, yes, this is my life.

(6. Remind me to ask about the etiquette of preschool birthday party invites.)