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reading tiger

"Bringing a daughter? Don’t miss the butterfly sanctuary. Bringing a son? Check out the reptile house."

Thank goodness this wasn't in the actual copy for the poor zoo in question, just a service article about it.


Maybe they can rewrite it in a better way?
Too late, it's a published article. If I were their editor, though, I would have totally flagged it and sent it back.
I wish you were the Editor Ruler of the World.
Hi, got to your journal from my friends-of-friends feed. I found this post funny because it made me remember when my cousin Chris FLIPPED OUT at a butterfly house when one landed on him. He was about 2 or 3, but yeah. LOST IT, we had to carry him out. I shudder to think how the reptile house would have gone.

PS: He is now a big time college football player. So. Put that it your pipe and smoke it, zoo.