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More on Parents Coffee

So this morning, the parents coffee. It was good, it was weird. I am having a very strange bonding moment with the other twins mom in the kids' preschool class, as noted previously. It's strange because she's so different in most ways. Her girls are super-girly. She's super-professional and sleek and blonde. But some things are universal, it seems.

But yeah, odd person out over here. There was the weight talk. I just smiled, because Lord knows I've learned to navigate that particular pitfall of conversation among women. (Yes, it was all women. Not always true at this school, but there it is.) And then the inevitable exercise discussion, which centered this time around *training for marathons.* !!! And then talk of what activities we're carting our kids to on preschool off-days -- me: none! Oh, and I'm taking the bus home from your lovely home in Piedmont! To the flat that I rent, because conversation also touched on home renovation issues thanks very much.

Conversation then turned to labor and birth stories, and *even there* I had nothing to contribute because I was the only one in the room who had a C-section. Which, on the one hand, yay! That's the way it should be! And on the other hand, really? Really? Sigh.

I feel really a lot better about my social skills, though, in that I neither panicked nor faded into the wallpaper for a whole two plus hours and I think people will remember who I am without cringing or making a circle with their finger at their temple. I drank a lot of tea, though. ("I'm not really a tea person, but here you go!")

P.S. Please, please, do not Google my name, friendly parents. Or add me on Facebook. Fingers crossed.


You might be surprised by which of those parents turns out to be lefty, queer/poly-friendly, etc. I mean, [spouse] and I live in a small town / suburb, are to all external appearances straight, and I usually show up to school events in my work drag (i.e., dry-cleaned, button-down shirts, slacks, jacket, and sometimes even a tie!) If you met me in person, you'd might even assume I was a Republican.
I wouldn't be all that surprised, although I tend to assume liberal-lefty rather than more radical, sure. (Big Obama fundraiser in Piedmont a few months ago...) And we're pretty out as poly and that's been fine. Also, the room parent last year was the daughter of a professional belly dancer and grew up in London, so she's secretly jaded and I dig her a lot. I mean, there's a reason these people live in Oakland and not the suburbs.

I like these folks! They're really nice! We just didn't find anything in common to talk about this morning (besides twins) -- to a ridiculous degree.