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reading tiger

The smell of straw

I am v. intrigued to learn that there is supposedly a large contingent of those pesky social-justice perpetually butthurt Orc Horde fans calling for Rene Walling to be banned from all conventions for all time. I would like to see evidence that a) such demands are being made on more than a "one or two folks" level; b) that there is significant push to take such demands seriously; and c) a concise and clear explanation of how this imperils (as opposed to inconveniences) our beloved (cough!) cons as institutions.

Otherwise I'm getting my baling fork.


But but one time I was at a rally and some guy was there carrying on about chemtrails. So I have to vote for Romney!
Why not label Romney as "creepy", because of his magic underwear? You can get him banned from places, and all your fans will be watching his every move.
He's not creepy in that regard until he tries to show me his magic underwear.
My guess is that even mentioning your magic underoos could be dangerous. I would hate to make a mistake, not be allowed to apologize, and then be mercilessly hounded by the mob. Someone should remake The Fugitive, with Dr. Richard Kimble not a murderer, but a creep.
Yeah, it's really horrible when you sexually harass somebody repeatedly and then have to abide by the explicitly stated policy regarding harassment at the place you decided to harass somebody.

It's almost as though it's a man's actions that determine whether or not he is a creep, or something.
Thank you for summing up this whole debate. *Actions have consequences? For men? Since when????*
I'm glad it's not just me who is feeling rather bewildered about who these fans calling for total bannination for all time are. I can't help but feel a bit slighted that they haven't let me in on their fun times.
I'd certainly like to see some pressure brought to bear somehow to keep him from being awarded volunteer positions where he could harass under the aegis of a con organization rather than freelance, as it were. But I haven't even articulated that much before right this moment.