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One More on Redshirting, or Yes I Am That Kind of Feminist

I didn't address the gender politics of redshirting kindergartners in my previous post b/c although it's a significant factor in the overarching North American dialogue on the practice, it hasn't really been present in my little local conversations on the subject.

But it is quite true that certain educators advocate redshirting specifically for boys, based on tired chestnuts about how boys are, y'know, less socially and verbally adept than girls and so less ready for the, um, iron forge of kindergarten? Anyway.

It is v.v. tempting, therefore, to write up an essay on how the practice of redshirting is, in some respects, a way of preserving male privilege. The boys, when they finally go, go to kindergarten bigger, stronger, and maintain their academic status on the top of the heap, too. Thus.


Ooh, I love your brain.
Do it! Please! This is so much clearer that what I've managed to write about it and this is such a needed dialogue. Please!
Yes yes yes! I have been trying to put my finger on exactly why I felt bothered by the focus on redshirting boys, and I think this is it.
I have to wonder, admittedly based only on what we've personally witnessed with the kiddos going through the first half of elementary, if there is a correlation between boys who are redshirted and boys who end up being bullies.

Though that would be a great angle for an op-ed somewhere. Headline: "Want to stop bullying? Ban redshirting."