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hot dog

Also, apropos previous posts

I would ask commenters in my journal to be careful about overgeneralizations about other regions of the country and their foodways; sublimated classism in regards to same; and disparagement of other people's foodways in general.

Except when making fun of Berkeley. (stone face)


WORD to all of this.

<3 <3 <3
A conversation I overheard tonight while walking down Shattuck confirmed that in Berkeley, even the panhandlers are foodies.
thank you! and come back soon so that i get to see you!!!
to this date - and with much searching in many foodie areas, the best tabbouleh and hummus i've ever had was in East Lansing, although Ann Arbor was (and still is) the winner for felafel. you just never know where the awesome will appear.
Name names!
omg my brain - it was the place out in that tiny mall on the end of campus where the basketball stadium is. something oasis? hold on googlemaps.

WOODYS OASIS! on Trowbridge Road.

I had a bunch of Telecommunication classes over near there and I always used it as my excuse to raid their deli.
the ann arbor place was over near middle earth... hold on... googlemapping again...

Oasis Grill on S. University - however it looks now like it's a real restaurant, when I was there it was just a walk up window for take out so can't vouch for this newfangled GRILL thing.

OMG Middle Earth! You are bringing me way back...

I still miss La Shish hummus :/
Oh yeah, Trowbridge plaza! There was also a Woody's Oasis branch around the corner from the hotel where we stayed.
Thanks for the reminder, and sorry if my comment contributed to that.