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reading tiger

Other Notes from the Road

1. I did the nostalgia trip this weekend -- two trips to the MSU Dairy Store (with another possible one tomorrow morning), one to Quality Dairy (doughnuts!), two with another pending to Meijer's (now Meijer, no 's'). I gave G. half the tour -- here's my high school, here's my old house, here's the playground I first got drunk on -- but I forgot to show him the married student housing barracks now being torn down, nor did I check to see if the weird art on Brody's outer walls was still in place. After G. departed this morning I took April and Steven down to my other old elementary school, which is now closed. There was a sign saying "please enjoy the use of our playground outside of school hours," which now would be all the time I suppose. I reminisced about being sent home to change clothes after wading in the swampy dip in front of the school parking lot.

2. The weather has been hot enough to remind me why I do not want to move away from the Bay Area.

3. My sister's wedding featured the geekiest ceremony ever, which told the story of Voyager and how Carl Sagan and his wife fell in love. My sister apparently nicked it from a recent NPR story. She said she tried to make the whole event fun and not too pretentious, and I think she succeeded.

4. My sister's husband's family and friends all sport some serious ink. I'm kinda jealous.

5. Chicago coming up tomorrow and Tuesday, and then I fly home. More notes forthcoming, I suspect.


wait, when did Meijer's lose the 's?
i miss the meijer 's
It's been decades since Meijer's lost the S. My brother used to tease me and my parents about saying it until we explained the history.
Wow. I guess everyone I know just still uses the 's. I get back to western MI fairly frequently, and I'm fairly certain all of my family and their neighbors call it Meijer's. with an s.

The sculpture gardens are Meijer, without an s.

chicago, she asked?
I spent maybe 26 hours in Chicago (many at the Field Museum). Sorry I had to miss you!
photos of the old haunts? oh man that Brody artwork... it's so funny how visceral the memories are. now i'm remembering biking down the paths next to river to go wade in that shallow part and feed the ducks and getting hit in the face by branches...
Yes, the weird double sense of "I know this place in my bones" and "this place has changed so much" was kind of disconcerting all weekend. (No photos, sorry.)