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leather girls

Gayle Rubin makes me feel like I am a pivotal part of a grand subcultural history -- a steward to tradition, if you like -- in her essay on the Catacombs:

"As a result, mixed-gender parties became an ongoing and stable institution. They have been treated as a precious legacy in the local S/M community. They have peen passed on from one group to another, and have survived AIDS, the closing of the baths, many deaths [...], and the final disappearance of the Catacombs. The parties still run, heirs to the traditions established by Cynthia at her mixed parties a decade ago, and by Steve at the Catacombs over fifteen years ago [as of 1991]."

In 1991, however, when I first read the essay, I was almost a decade still away from finding an echo of myself in that paragraph.