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Meet Goo Goo and Rava

My children debuted their imaginary friends while waiting for ice cream in Orinda ("Back in 5 Minutes!"). Apparently we needed someone to fill the fourth chair at the table we were sitting at, and that's how Goo Goo was born. Goo Goo is April's imaginary friend. And yes, true to name, Goo Goo is a baby. Of course, if April has an imaginary friend, Simone must have one, too, on her insistence. Thus it was that we welcomed Rava to the fold.

I whiled away the waiting time interviewing my children about Goo Goo and Rava, much to their delight. I learned that Goo Goo has only one parent, an Uncle Bear Daddy. Simone tried to argue that there is only one Uncle Bear Daddy but she was overruled. There was also some discussion as to whether Rava was the parent of Goo Goo, but apparently not. I learned the colors of the imaginary friends' houses, and their favorite foods. I learned about their pets and their wardrobe.

Goo Goo and Rava sat with us at lunch yesterday as well. They seem to be mealtime friends. I think sometimes Goo Goo goes for a ride in the double stroller toy, too.

Goo Goo is a great outlet for April's imp energy. She can make up silly answers to my questions and have me take them seriously! How awesome! Simone is much more serious about making Rava plausible.