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reading tiger

in other news

Full write-up of our day in Orinda tk -- short form, it was a blast. Meanwhile, a large portion of our kid-parent discussion this afternoon centered around what we could do with Simone's hair so that it looked more like a boy's, without cutting it. Suggestions gladly taken. For those who aren't familiar, it's shoulder-length, thick and wavy-to-curly depending on how it's styled.


Long haired boys tend to have bowl cuts or mullets, even if they're curly. The curly haired little boys I know eitherget their bowl cuts combed out to an Afro-ish poof or get their hair tied back. For a while there little boys with long hair were wearing barrettes, too, at least down here in Santa Cruz, but I haven't seen that in a while.

When I was a little girl who was also a little boy, I had a Christopher Robin hair cut, but I had a thick head of very fine straight hair, so that's no help. Also, of course, nobody really acknowledged that I was also a boy, because there was no category available for that (I was most definitely not a tomboy: I was just a boy, though nobody knew it but me).

So anyway, the point -- I'm a bit drunk at the moment as a result of an experiment in pain management so I may not make perfect sense -- does Simone want to presnt more boylike so as to have fewer arguments with people about what she is?
does Simone want to present more boylike so as to have fewer arguments with people about what she is?

Yes, precisely. Most of the time a single ponytail in the back seems to suffice, but some days not so much. Today was one of those days and she was frustrated.

We also discussed hats.
Probably with the right outfit, if I could find a volunteer braider.
When I was young, having my hair loose in an afro caused me to be read as a boy frequently. In a certain way non styled hair is more "boyish" than styled.

Looking at old photos both of us had big loose afros (both of us had looser curls when we were younger). My brother's long lashes caused people to think he was a girl. My tomboyishness caused people to think I was a boy.

Maybe loose fro plus more blue clothing?
Thanks! I am leaning toward loose hair when possible.
I decided to look at a bunch of kid pics of my brother and I. We basically had the same hair do.


When I was around 10 I got my ears pierced to look more feminine. It didn't work. Although it occurs to me that most of the gender confusion happened in the very white area I grew up in.

Also, just because, my brother holding a doll & imitating my mom holding me

Several boys in Simon's grade have cornrows -- the braids are tight to the head until right at the back. I have no idea how their parents get them to sit still for the amount of time it must take!
I do -- smartphones are one handy multipurpose tool.
True! We're going on a 9-hour road trip tomorrow, and smartphone and iPad are going to be in heavy rotation...