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reading tiger

It's not time to panic yet...

...but the landlord is putting the house on the market.

ETA: fuck it, I'm taking off the lock.


See if you can get a mortgage on it? And if so, if it costs you less in monthly payments than the rent? If so, WIN!!!
No down payment. Also, hollow laugh: this is essentially a 3-unit building. It's going to be seriously out of our price range even if we did have enough for a down payment. (We're gonna ask anyway.)

On the upside, that might mean that an owner move-in would be legally tricky for any new owner. I suppose, too, we could ask about condoizing it.
Possible partners for the other units? I know, you've undoubtedly already thought of that, too.

Good luck.
well dammit - i'll start keeping my ears open. also - I'll add you to the housing shared info list on FB that whittles started. also - I'm finding that the yahoo groups associated with both Laurel and Maxwell Park often end up mentioning houses for rent before they go on the market.


Wish I were in the market to go in on that with you. (Hmm. Actually, if I *could* swing that, would you be interested?)
If you could swing that I would definitely be interested.