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reading tiger

This weekend I celebrated my 42nd birthday with a lot of aioli and a lot of birthday cake. And a brief discussion of The Fabulous Sylvester, mostly on how well-written it is. Apparently sociologists should always write music biographies?

And I got the Parenting Talk from my father about my tattoos. Rendered extra-hilarious by a misunderstanding about my latest (wrist) tattoo -- it's not supposed to be a secret from anyone. Nor is it particularly lurid, no. (Not exactly discreet either, though.) Bonus hilarity also from the fact that my parents are usually pretty cognizant of the fact that I'm an adult and get to make my own choices about stuff like this now. But I'm still the oldest child who gets to break new ground around certain issues, apparently. At least he didn't tell me I'd never find a job...

Also this weekend I discovered that I'm actually quite tan. As if I'd spent a lot of the summer outdoors or something.


Happy bday!

I guess the aioli was separate from the cake? Not that you couldn't mix them if you wanted to, since you are an adult. [heh]
Heh. The invite actually stated "but not garlic cake." :)