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reading tiger

on the Dark Knight Rises

It's really hard to talk about The Dark Knight Rises because it's so thematically incoherent. And yet so enjoyable (outside of the execrable sound mixing). Even if I kept sniggering every time they shoehorned in another unconvincing kiss. Guy Debord wins, in other words.

I mean, it's undeniably pro-order, pro status quo, but even there they undercut their own point with the good cop disobeying orders left and right, right? And then making a big speech about being stifled by structure? I give up.

And I like the way that the entire middle class of Gotham has disappeared, and actually all of the working poor too, right along with all the POC. Incompetent tokens destined to be cannon fodder excepted.

Points for the best use of the "I can't operate on this patient, he's my son!" lesson in a summer blockbuster movie, though.


You know I didn't mind the narrative incoherence too much, but what did wind me up was the fact that Bruce Wayne decides, personally, to suppress two technologies because he didn't trust people to use them properly. So what gives him that right? That really bugged me. Otherwise a fairly fun movie overall.

(Talking of sound, I know lots of people had problems hearing Bane clearly, but seriously I couldn't hear a lot of the dialogue. And that was at an iMax showing which is supposed to sound 'better'.
Yes, I had problems all over the place with the dialogue, not just with Bane!
And yes, that suppressing technologies thing! Was that supposed to be a bad decision or a good decision? Who can tell?
Welp, I feel good about my decision to wait till it comes out on DVD to watch it
Since I am in the homebound parent mode, I really enjoyed sitting in a cool movie theater on a hot day for 3 hours, and the movie was entertaining enough that I didn't fall asleep, which, no lie, happens 90+% of the time I am sitting still for more than 45 minutes these days :/.

Which is not to say that you didn't make the right decision :)

Also, wait till I start on the trailer for the next Superman movie.
I had planned to see it in the theater for all that air conditioned goodness. But then I didn't want to get off my sofa.

I haven't seen any of the air conditioning & pop corn action movies this summer
When you get around to it, comparing Avengers vs. Dark Knight Rises can be quite fulfilling as a pastime.