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Weekend Notes: My First Baseball

On Sunday we took the kids out to their very first baseball game. Our Family Coalition was sponsoring an outing to Family Day with the Oakland A's so we happily joined up. It was a lovely day for baseball, with the fog finally breaking somewhere around the third inning. We weren't sitting particularly near the infield or anything, but our section was filled with queer folk and their kids, waving rainbow flags, sharing sunscreen, and eating ridiculous ballpark food.

My kids sat for all nine innings. We were all prepared to bail after, oh, say, the 5th. But instead, they started leading cheers. G. is a proud daddy this morning.


That sounds like a lot of fun!

When I went to sports games as a child, I mostly only cared about the cheerleaders. I brought a bag full of books and read until halftime, then perked up and paid attention when the cheerleaders came out. (This might have been an early clue about my sexual orientation.) I found ways to have a good time at sporting events, in my own way, but I am glad to hear that your kids actually enjoyed themselves.