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reading tiger

"ladies of the night" are not your sexual harassment toilets

It's a short sentence in a long comment and I don't want to derail, but please don't ever "tell him to hire a nice lady-of-the-night to take the edge off and leave the con attendees the heck alone" when "him" refers to a known sexual harasser and violator-of-boundaries. I mean, everyone reading here can see why, right? I don't need to explain in tiny words? Good.



Amen. I had to sit on my fingers when I saw that asinine suggestion. Feh.

At least two things come to mind here:
1) Sexual predators are usually not merely looking for sex; they are seeking some kind of power, so just going and having sex with somebody won't necessarily "take the edge off" of that.
2) That might result in a pretty awful work shift for this hypothetical lady of the night. I wouldn't want to wish that on any sex worker.
RAGE. Wow.

Also, "there are very very very few reasons I would drop someone from my friends..." Oh, because rape and sexual predation isn't serious like, I dunno, robbing a bank. What is wrong with this person? Why would you want to be friends with a sexual predator?

Edited at 2012-07-30 01:59 am (UTC)
So, I didn't click on the link -- I'm just reading your comments on a situation I otherwise know nothing about. But, um, AGREED. "How about you bring your atrocious boundaries to a sex worker?!" is just never, ever, ever the appropriate response.