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hot dog

another food post -- fortuitous and unplanned results

I intended to make white bean soup with pretty little ribbons of kale in it. At the last minute I decided to throw in some sliced Italian sausage, too, for the extra protein needed to feed those in my household who work in warehouses 8 hours a day. On a whim I also decided to puree the beans rather than leave them whole, mostly because I like the texture better when it comes to those big cannellini or gigantes beans like I was using. Also it means I can be more careless with my timing when cooking the beans because if I overcook them, so what? They're just going to be pureed anyway.

The farmer's market had given me a bonus bunch of kale, though, and so it ended up being more like cooked kale and sausage dressed with the most delicious silky white bean sauce. But wow it was good.