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reading tiger

Today's kid adventure involved taking my children into the city, heading toward the play structure at the end of Octavia, right next to Smitten. It all went swimmingly except for the timing of lunch. My children met their Best Friend of the Day pretending to be a lion inside the mirror sculpture, and spent a good half hour in his company. We had ice cream, of course, and the kids charmed the counter staff by playing with the nitrogen exhaust and pulling themselves up to play peek-a-boo.

We stopped in at Miette and at the library. The silliest moment was probably when we went to smack our heads on the library wall because I had told them earlier that the library was straight ahead and "if we keep walking we will run smack into it." Yeah. It was that kind of day. I haven't even mentioned the impromptu Coca-Cola song sung as we walked down Hayes, punctuated by "Hit it, boys!" Turned heads with that one, too.

Once again I am exhausted -- and also headachey, thanks to that lunch timing hitch mentioned earlier. Also I wish someplace else besides Flipper's in the area offered fries, not because they're deficient in any way but simply because hamburgers weren't on the top of my wish list. The sacrifices parents make...


Do you not know about the Frjtz in Hayes Valley? It's been there about a decade, right at the corner of Hayes & Laguna. They have a very hipstery name, yes, but they have great fries with all manner of dipping sauces that would probably please the twins. And crepes and sandwiches and salads. I'm not sure how kid friendly they are, but I feel like I have seen folks there with kids. And they are not that much more expensive than Flipper's.
Alas, that location of Frjtz closed a month or so ago. (The Frjtz in the Mission is quite kid-friendly.)
Oh NO, really?! Damn! I loved that place. I always go there when I cat-sit for Carol & Robert. Guess I can't now...