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reading tiger

This Weekend in Mundania

1. Went out last night to Bawdy Storytelling. It was pretty awesome. Also a little awkward during the intermission, when a very outgoing guest tried to get me (and others) to tell their favorite "sapiosexual" story -- the theme of the night. Longtime readers may recall that I actually loathe the term sapiosexual and I went to this show only after much internal debate as a result.

2. Also on Saturday night was a sex party with the theme "Harem Nights." Reader, I did not attend. Reader, sometimes I really want to slap my so-called community upside the head.

3. Went to a kid birthday party this afternoon. Had tons of fun. The kids made kaleidoscopes and ate many handfuls of grapes and fish crackers and played a lot of hide and seek. A nice mix of parents meant that I didn't feel too weirdly out of place, too.

4. Picked up some Phat Matt's BBQ on the way home. This was our first time trying it. Thumbs up!

5. Tomorrow I've got the kids all week, Friday excepted. Trying to figure out what adventure we shall take them on this time. Also trying to figure out how I will get my work done. At least I got the big stuff out of the way during summer school.


what does sapiosexual even mean? It sounds a bit icky.
People are using it to mean "attracted to intelligence/intelligent people," sometimes with the additional meaning of "attracted to geeks and nerds."

Sapiosexual.com for more info.

"Icky" is exactly how I described it a while back.
thank you. I am really sorry about this.
Yeah. While I am attracted to geeks, nerds, and intelligent people, I don't like the term sapiosexual either. Thank you for explaining why you don't, as it helps me to articulate why I don't.
If that's mundane...! :)

One of my best friends, Courtney, is sometimes part of that show. Wonder if she was there last night.
Tall cute black woman? She was the timekeeper.
Yep! And I think she was wearing a blouse I just gave her with kimono sleeves. Oh the connections!
I adore Courtney! truly truly.