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reading tiger

By Request: Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Oakland and Beyond

Posted by request and in no particular order. "Kid Friendly" in this case merely means I have seen other kids there, or there are high chairs, or the staff seems particularly welcoming. It does not mean there's a kid's menu or crayons or anything like that.

Pizzaiolo (chickens in the back!)
Flipside Burger
Phil's Sliders
Saul's Deli
Souley Vegan
Aunt Mary's Cafe
Lakeshore Cafe
Mama's Royal Cafe
Brown Sugar Kitchen
Lanesplitters @ San Pablo/University
Ohgane and Sahn Maru (Korean food)
Asmara, Addis and basically every Ethiopian place ever
Legendary Palace, Restaurant Peony, Hong Kong East Ocean and basically every dim sum place ever
Cactus Taqueria and most taquerias
Pasta Pomodoro in a pinch


Picante in Berkeley is super kid-friendly.

I don't often get up to that part of Berkeley, but good to know! Thanks.