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reading tiger

I am finally reading Alison Bechdel's Are You My Mother?, wherein she quotes renowned child development theorist Donald Winnicott thus:

"The name given by the infant to these earliest [transitional] objects is often significant, and it usually has a word used by the adults partly incorporated in it."

My first doll's name was "Orangish." Named significantly before I knew my colors. Make of this what you will.
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You named your doll after my son.
I had a sea lion named Raisin. Orangish is a pretty amazing name, both for difficulty in pronouncing and in creativity.
Mine was a Woodstock (from Snoopy) stuffed animal and I named him Cascade. After the detergent. I thought it was the prettiest word in the world.
Mine was Bullfart Mary.
Mine was a blue dog called "Blue Dog." I believe I win the Least Imaginative Child contest forever.
Hee. Our son has a blue dog called "Blue Dog", but I named him!