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reading tiger

In Other News! Celebration Edition

G. and I have a birthday coming up. If I don't have any brainstorms or hear any intriguing suggestions between now and, oh, the second weekend of August, I think it's going to be a picnic in the park occasion (though if I feel ambitious I might throw another aioli party).

So, any intriguing suggestions you'd like to lay on me?

After that comes kid birthday party planning. Apparently it will involve tigers and dinosaurs. The cake is going to be a hoot, I suspect.


Which is the dinosaur fan and which likes tigers? (Or are they both in both camps?)
They both like dinosaurs, but Simone is a slightly bigger fan. April likes tigers and Simone likes cheetahs.
Though Frank and Emma are eight years apart they also share a birthday. I did two cakes, because when he was in the flaming skulls age she was into mermaids.

We did it in the park, mainly, but sometimes on the beach, which was satisfying because, pirates and mermaids, and we took full-size shovels and a huge pirate flag.

Living where you do I would be tempted to do a hike in Tilden ending up at the merry-go-round, which is one of the sweetest I ever recall riding. I mean for you and G.
I totally want to do a full-tilt pirate tea party on the beach someday. But not this year b/c I also have an out-of-town wedding to attend sandwiched between these two sets of birthdays.
I would be *so* into another aioli party! I'd bring things to dip, too!