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Dear Traveling and Far Away Friends

My children adore getting mail. Even though they can't read yet. They love the mail. Understandable -- who doesn't? When you're almost four, the mail is magical. They 'write' letters to absent friends, people they miss. Often these letters are adorned with stickers and scribbles, because, well, everything is better with stickers. They want to help me pay the bills. They want to help me sort the mail. They wonder if each package is for them.

So. Should you be inclined to drop a postcard to my children sometime while you're traveling or far away, they would be truly delighted to receive it.

Heck, even if you're in town, I'm sure they'd love a postcard. Just because.

If you don't have my address and you're interested, ping me.


sure, always happy to send postcards!
Check -- all future postcards from far away will be addressed to April and Simone.
Charlie loves to get mail (every time we bring it in, she asks "What *I* get?". She often gets a flier...it's amazing. *grin*) and draw pictures. Should we set up a pen pal sort of thing for the girls?
I don't think I have your mailing address. I'd love to send the girls mail.