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astro girl

Table of Contents for Outlaw Bodies!

Here's the lineup for Outlaw Bodies, the anthology project I'm co-editing for The Future Fire. Presented in alphabetical order for now:

Emily Capettini, ‘Elmer Bank’
Anna Caro, ‘Millie’
Fabio Fernandes, ‘The Remaker’
Vylar Kaftan, ‘She Called me Baby’
Lori Selke, ‘Frankenstein Unraveled’
Stacy Sinclair, ‘Winds: NW 20 km/hr’
M. Svairini, ‘Mouth’
Jo Thomas, ‘Good Form’
Tracie Welser, ‘Her Bones, Those of the Dead’
Plus introduction by Lori Selke and afterword by Kathryn Allan.

For more info (like how to get a review copy): http://djibrilalayad.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/outlaw-bodies-toc.html

I'm super-excited about this project. It should be great fun to read. Now pardon me while I go scribble an introduction...