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reading tiger

I am back from the Silent Film Festival. Basically I spent all day playing hooky in San Francisco, watching films and writing in cafes. No, really writing -- I finished a story. It turns out I write really well in cafes. But I need that free wi-fi so I can research suture technology on the fly.

I ate delicious food (a cheese plate with Foggy Morning plus rye crackers, Marcona almonds, and pickled cucumber slices; soft shell crabs over garlic noodles) and I got out in the sun and I spent more hours in a dark room with hordes of people than I really probably should have. But I enjoyed the heck out of myself. While waiting in line for Mark of Zorro I stood behind a group of 9-10 year old girls, and we fell into discussing why the movies had to be silent and how much tattoos hurt. "They don't hurt that much," I said, flashing my wrist ink so they would know I knew whereof I speak. It's so nice to be instantly cool once in a while.


sounds like a perfect time in SF - movies and cafes and writing. delicious.