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reading tiger

Oh, one more short note

Yes, I have read the New Inquiry piece on Brave, and it is definitely worth reading. Its thesis:

"[T]here are three things Brave absolutely isn’t, and there’s something pernicious about the fact that reviews repeatedly refer to it as precisely those three things. Whatever Brave is, it’s not predictable, it’s not Just Another Princess Movie, and it’s not — my God! — lacking for deeper layers."

OK. Except that I have to say that while it is not Just Another Princess Movie, it is still Another Princess Movie, if you catch my drift. There have been Other Princess Movies Without The Just before, I will remind you. (Mulan leaps to mind.) And praising a movie by saying it clears out the thickets for other stories to blossom is all well and good, but what about this story? I still have criticisms of this story (see: two and a half women totes in what's supposed to be a girl's story), and those other stories don't exist yet and I would rather watch those up on the screen than heap praise on Brave for theoretically opening the way to those other stories. I mean, fuck, Tangled was supposed to be that same damn bridge to other stories. So was The Princess and the Frog (in which she wasn't a princess, geddit? Revolutionary! No? Oh.). JUST WRITE THE OTHER STORIES PLEASE ALREADY I AM WAITING STILL. I know, the author isn't writing to me, but I was still irked. Just a little.