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More milestones only a parent could love

a.k.a. "boring parenting post ahoy," a.k.a "it gets better, the feeding children edition."

April seems to have finally emerged from her picky eating phase. First she started asking for "ham!" a la Ponyo in her lunch. Then she started hitting up a nice mom hanging out in the yard after summer school for dried mango and banana bread and "dinosaur cookies," which were actually chicken nuggets -- her first taste of all three foods. (Fortunately the nice mom brought enough of everything except the latter to share.) And last night, the big breakthrough! We were having pasta for dinner. She asked for noodles and "sprinkle cheese" and I told her that all the noodles already had sauce on them. She wanted to try them anyway! ("But no tomatoes and no leaves.") And then she ate them! And liked them!

Consider that just a few weeks ago I finally implemented the rule "if you ask for it you have to take at least one bite." This is a big improvement. And also, I am now much less worried that she subsists entirely on pretzel sticks and blueberries.


It's not her first taste of chicken nuggets. Daddy tried and failed to feed them McNuggets once. I admit I was kinda proud. :)
"Dinosaur cookies" is the best name ever for chicken nuggets.
I'm afraid "dinosaur cookies" sounds to my ear like a euphemism for coprolites.
That's wonderful! :)