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reading tiger

Simone's first joke:

"Wanna hear a joke? OK: 'Dog meets tomato.' Laugh!"

Simone's second joke:

"Knock knock."

"Who's there?"

"Lettuce and poop!"


Little kids jokes are the best! Dog meets tomato- hee!
I confess that one has become an instant laughter-induing catchphrase in the house.
I laughed!

Actually, that last one could be a subtle and deadly pun. ...Watch this one.
I had merely noted the thematic unity of all her jokes -- fresh vegetables! -- although that could be because we were eating dinner at the time.
Cassie's favorite joke when she was about that age...

"Knock, knock"
"Who's there?"
"CASSIE!" /great peals of laughter/
Frank's first joke, at what? fourteen? months? Anyway, we were still sharing baths. He picked up a plastic cup we were using for rinsing and as a bath toy, held it to his mouth, shouted, "Microphone!" and threw himself backwards into the water laughing.
Sounds familiar. I think Simone & my kid could crack each other up with their knock knock jokes for a few hours. We should try that next time I'm in town.
She's already got better chops than Dane Cook. Get her on the comedy circuit and start cashing in!
They're both already funnier than Tosh!
And a lot less offensive!