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reading tiger

Sanity maintenance

"But here’s the thing: threatening women with rape, making light of rape, and suggesting that women who speak up be raped is not edgy or controversial. It’s the norm. This is what women deal with every day. Maintaining the status quo around violence against women isn’t exactly revolutionary."

"Anatomy of a Successful Rape Joke," Jessica Valenti

I seem to recall hearing this argument before. Yeah, you bet I'm looking at you, pimps'n'hos promoters. But y'know, the larger point is the more important one.


My friend Christy Cardinal wrote about this on Uproot. Some guy named Larry who works for E! Entertainment made comments threatening her with rape. She traced his e-mail back to E! It's getting violent out there.
Cristy's post is here http://havenuproot.wordpress.com/2012/07/10/i-know-funny-and-rape-jokes-are-not/

she's been threatened with rape, gang rape and murder, and now her email accounts are being multiply hacked. what the hell with the over-the-top crowd???
That's really awful.
It's because, like it or not, we're actually in a war, and women are a major battelfield in it.

The fact that we are also soldiers in it, and for both sides, doesn't alter this.