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reading tiger

My Biggest Objection to Brave...

...is to the gratuitously sexualized violence in the climactic fight scene. It was completely unnecessary and really quite disturbing and I am stunned that no-one else has mentioned it before now.

Other than that, it was a pleasant afternoon diversion, though I look forward to the day when I can watch movies about feisty teenage girl protagonists that do not revolve around conflicts with their mother over tropes of femininity.

Also, I kept wanting to put her hair in a braid. Hold still, I've got some oil and a detangling comb!

ETA: potential spoilers in comments.


I've just read through the trainwreck comment section of a blog review of the movie...

Apparently Brave is racist because there were no POC characters involved -- the blog commentators had to scrape Wikipedia to find out James VI of Scotland had a troupe of African entertainers at his court so there. Scottish commentators were shouted down for disagreeing with the American blogger's view that the movie denigrated Scottish people. Etc., etc.

It's a movie, a work of fiction, lies told to customers to entertain and make money. Historical accuracy was not part of the plan.
Um, this is not the kind of space where the excuse "it's a movie, a work of fiction, lies told to customers to entertain and make money" is going to get much sympathy, you realize?
When the bear Mor'du is about to eat Merida, he pins her to the ground and holds her arms to her sides, looming closely above her. Contrast this with the opening scene with Mor'du and Merida's father, where both are standing, though the bear is much taller.