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reading tiger

Also presented without comment

Simone: What does Fritzi eat?

Me: Fritzi eats catfood.

Simone: But what else does Fritzi eat?

Me: Nothing, really. Cat food is enough for her.

Simone: But what else?

Me: Nothing.

Simone: But why not?

Me: She doesn't really like other food very much. She likes catfood.

Simone: But she has to eat a lot of different variety of foods to grow up big and strong!

[At this point I improvised something about the nutritional needs of cats vs. humans and referenced the silkworms at preschool, who only ate mulberry leaves, and that seemed to settle the issue.]


I really enloy hearing about your girls. So much going on-- and when they are little they tell you what they are thinking.

My girl is 14. She tells me less than she used to.
If it's any comfort, at three and a half Simone has already hit the "nothing/I don't know" stage, as in "What did you do today?" "I don't know. Nothing."