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reading tiger

Now That I'm Officially A Style Maven

I have a question for the masses. I need your input!

Poll #1722487 Fashion!

Which is worse, handkerchief hem or bubble skirt?

handkerchief hem
bubble skirt


It depends on the outfit! But as a fan of symmetry, I am less enthused about the handkechief hem.
I am a fan of violated symmetry, so I actually kinda like the handkerchief hem :) But it's being way overused. And please, no bandana print!
You know what, yeah, it's the bandana print that annoys me more than the violated symmetry. I like some asymmetrical punky and gothy clothes I've seen, but it doesn't work as well when you look like you are wearing a quilt for a skirt.
Also, I kinda think bubble skirts only look good if you are going for a space-age Spiders from Mars costumey look.
I think it depends on context. The overwhelming majority of bubble skirts are disastrous, but some of them can be cute on some people. (People your daughters' age, perhaps. Almost anything looks cute on them.) Handkerchief hems can work with more kinds of fabric, by which I refer to weight and texture--I cringe from that kind of hem on a busy print.

I see the intent of handkerchief hems. For a tall woman in a long skirt, they add a graceful/romantic flutter to the dramatic visual line. It's related to the effect of lace or ruffles, only without leading the eye horizontally, and without looking so fussy.

I don't see the intent of bubble skirts. The positive visual effects they create can also come from a moderately flared skirt of similar length. I don't see how pulling the skirt in at the knees makes the skirt or the wearer look any better. (Some people start with enough natural advantages that they can spend an hour getting dressed, making themselves look worse with everything they put on, and still end up looking ok. But that's not a fashion recommendation.)
A hankerchief hem is merely twee, while a bubble skirt looks like one has accidentally gotten the entire hem of one's skirt stuck in one's panties.
I seem to be in the minority. I sometimes like bubble hems, but I rarely like handkerchief ones.

Both of them are usually very bad, but I am more willing to like bubble skirts.
A handkerchief hem can be quite lovely sometimes, and a bubble skirt can only be ironically cute.