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I'm just going to come out and say it.

(note ironic icon)

The Open Source Boob Project is a perfect illustration of the limits of sex-positive discourse. If you don't have a critique of power embedded in there, the result is the same old, same old -- my female body, passive and accessible and sexualized, end of story. I don't care if women want to touch them, too. (Them, not me. Oh, but it isn't about reducing me to a body part, honest! I lurve your mind, too!) I don't care how nicely you ask. I do not gain empowerment or self-respect or enlightenment from your gaze, much less your sweaty little palm. Geddit? And you know, I have spent my *entire life from about 5th grade on* with people who weren't attracted to *me* (ugly, fattie), but really wanted to feel up my chest. Please? But I asked so nicely! Of course you can always say no! I respect your limits! No pressure! Don't you see I was paying a compliment? We are trying to create a better, more honest world, you know.

Feh. Had to get that out of my system.


*nodnod* This makes sense to me.
You can touch my boobs.
not restricted to the less conventionally attractive. i like to share, i'm loving, i'm giving ... just to a very select group.

barftastic. the sensitive new age lech comes alive.
Well, since there's a whole philosophy behind it, shouldn't that be Sensitive New Age Ideological Lech? Acronyms are helpful.
Yes, thank you, this is what I was trying to get my head around when I read about this silly thing.
I must admit, it's rare that I see someone say so explicitly that the only benefit they could imagine you, as a woman, wanting out of sexual contact is the validation granted you by their enjoyment of you.

I don't really consider that sex-positive.
Oh, but everyone is doing it an okay doing it! Clearly if you feel uncomfortable putting your breasts forth to be touched in such a harmless, honest, and non-objectifying manner you must have some form of body shame or other brokeness.

(I have unintentionally been party to getting women to act outside their comfort boundaries by accidental peer pressure. Appearing to have body shame amidst a group of strong liberal women was more uncomfortable than being topless in a co-ed environment, particularly when the evidently shameless ones don't have traditionally beautiful bodies (ie, me))

DON'T touch my body:

Maybe these people have been listening to too much Maria Carey. . .

If you don't have a critique of power embedded in there, the result is the same old, same old -- my female body, passive and accessible and sexualized, end of story. Hear! Hear!
Why are they calling it open source? If people were to hang details of the composition of their breasts (glandular tissue, fat cells, skin, maybe genetic details) around their necks, visible for all to see, and anybody could just create their own copy of any given boob and modify it at will, subject to the license on that boob, then sure it'd be open source.

This, on the other hand, is - at best - juvenile.
I haven't quite been able to find a coherent explanation of the "open source" part, to be honest.
1) The Ferret is fond of the phrase -- in the webcomic he did that I first ran into, he had the "Open-Source Wish Project", in which people discussed the perfection of wishes by subjecting them to open-source analysis, to avoid genies getting the better of you.

2) It happened at Penguincon (IIRC), a Linux-related event. Hence, a whole bunch of Open-Source people.

Sorry if you'd gotten this explanation elsewhere. ;)
Yeah, that's what I was thinking. "If you like my boobs, you're free to copy, modify and redistribute the genes that encode their shape and size".
This project reminds me of the time I said to a friend after some accidental breast touch or reveal, "It's not as though it really matters. My breasts are community property." I meant as an ironic comment on my experience of other folks feeling entitled to "appreciate" my breasts. Later he demonstrated just how unclear I was about my true meaning by touching my breasts and quoting that they are community property. No critique of power what-so-ever. Sigh. I didn't pop him one because I actually didn't care whether he touched me or not, but if it happened now, I'd probably have a more educational response.
I have used the "community property" line, too.
What the f....? I'm inferring what this project is from you and from firecat.

My first reaction to all this is "ow, ow, OWWW!" It sounds like a trip to the Breast Clinic for yet another discussion of whether that lump ought to be biopsied or whether it's just another cyst.


No, you may not feel my breasts, unless you have an ultrasound machine and know how to use it.

Here's the link to the original, more or less:


The proponents of this project would say it's always OK to say no. (Which is true, but also misses the point.)
But you have to have a button to let people that you would rather they didn't molest you. Shouldn't "no" be people without buttons?

Ugh. I hate all of it. I hate guys who come up to me and look at my Batgirl shirt and say, "You know what happens to her in the comic books?" Uh, she gets paralyzed by the Joker? How is that an acceptable pick-up line?!!

My Integra icon proposed the Open Source Nut-Removal Project :P
Please don't make me defend these asshats :) But they claim it's all "opt-in" and so if you don't have a button, the assumption is you're not playing. And really, honestly, *of course* they will respect your boundaries in this regard, because greater society is so good at it already. :P

misia proposed the Open Source Swift Kick To The Balls Project. And elsewhere I have seen the Open Source Knuckle Sandwich Project.
Men choosing the "No Kicks, Thanks" option should be aware that they will be ridiculed publicly for their sexism and misogyny and their indefensible, self-serving, anti-female pursuit of their own selfish bodily autonomy.

And therein lies the problem of "opting in" because if you opt out, you're just a bitch who's uptight about sex.

Why couldn't they have called it the Open-Source Ass Project? The defenders claim that the T&A of both genders are included, and yet the name clearly indicates women's bodies.

There was a really good post somewhere (that I can't seem to find again) that pointed out that while it might seem to *some* people that women who go to Cons with their breasts on display are asking for attention, it's equally as likely that their costumes are just accurate representations of female characters in comics. If you want to dress like Power Girl, your boobs are on display whether you'd prefer that or not. Wonder Woman? Sailor Moon? Poison Ivy? Skimpy costumes all around. That's an entirely different post, though :)
Oh my. Well, if you remember that post, I totally want to read it, and possibly have its babies, because YES. I had to cosplay as a villain to play a character who wore pants.
I found it!

Here it is.
Thank you!
Oh. I see.
Whoa. I just read the original LJ post. Um, RIDICULOUS!!!
I want to have your babies.

Well, not literally ...
My babies, or ginoushka's? Just curious :)
Well, I can imagine wanting to have ginoushka's babies, but I meant yours, because of the "critique of power" comment.

(Catching a transatlantic plane in >5 hours tends to make me less careful about where I am in a comment thread.)
Me, too. Should we get in line?
Queue starts to the left :)
Y'know, I think you should be sure to archive all the "Can I have your babies" and use them as evidence of contract for short-term "having", a.k.a. babysitting, in the future. ;)

Thank you.

Friended you. You Get It. Thanks!
That simultaneously made me want to weep, and BURN DOWN BUILDINGS.

Me too. She said understatedly.